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by: Christopher Orr

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About Me

My background

Born in the 80's in N Carolina, I grew up idolizing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and wanted to be one! My Dad helped me understand that the characters began in someone's imagination!  The artist brought them to life by drawing them first and that's when the light bulb went on and MY imagination went to work!  I felt empowered by doodling and drawing!  Moving to the the Florida Keys inspired my Aquatic Collection.  Turtles Rock!

My experience

 Life is my experience.  I relate Art with with every moment of every day. In 2010 I started painting from my imagination. I am a carpenter by trade which is an art form of its own.   I can create  whatever I want, so make it good is what I tell myself.  I am still aspiring to many things and sharing the passion with my son is one of them.  The more I experience and learn, the more my passion grows.  

My vision

  Taking cues from everything around me and making something beautiful out of it is what I strive to do.  To think something I created would be worn by someone in a T-shirt form or displayed in a persons home as a framed piece of art is a dream of mine!  My hope is that you will find something beautiful in what I do!


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